Saturday Coffee Table: Money Talking Weekend Reading

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Money Talking host Charlie Herman and regular contributors Joe Nocera of the New York Times and Rana Foroohar of Time magazine tell us what they're reading this weekend. 

Charlie Herman will be reading "The Robot Will See You Now" in the latest issue of The Atlantic. "Will IBM's Watson replace Dr. Watson when it comes to going to the hospital, going to see your doctor?"


Rana Foroohar will be reading Moods and Markets by Peter Atwater. "He looks at how our own feelings about the market influence the market. We actually exert an effect on where stocks go, and he looks at how certain movements like the locavore movement, like the movement towards renting versus buying, are actually based on our sense of well-being at the moment."

Joe Nocera will be reading Gun Guys by Dan Baum. "He is, as he likes to describe it, a liberal who like guns....He's done a reported, kind of travelogue of gun culture where he kind of explains — a liberal to other liberals like me — what the appeal of gun culture is."