Tom Colicchio, Lori Silverbush, and Kristi Jacobson on Hunger in America

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Tom Colicchio in "A Place at the Table,A PLACE AT THE TABLE, a Magnolia Pictures release.

Lori Silverbush and Kristi Jacobson, directors of the documentary “A Place at the Table,” and chef Tom Colicchio, the film’s executive producer, talk about the crisis of hunger in America today. Despite having the means to provide nutritious, affordable food for all Americans, nearly 30 percent of families, more than 49 million people – and one in four children – are food insecure, which means they don’t know where their next meal is coming from.  “A Place at the Table” shows the struggle for poor families to find healthy, affordable food, and what we can do to address food insecurity. There’s also a companion book: A Place at the Table: The Crisis of 49 Million Hungry Americans and How to Solve it. "A Place at the Table" opens March 1 at Landmark Sunshine Cinemas and at the Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center at Lincoln Center.