Gig Alert: Ballake Sissoko & Vincent Segal

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ARTIST: Ballake Sissoko & Vincent Segal

DOWNLOAD: "Badjourou"

SHOW: Thursday at Florence Gould Hall ($35)

One of 2011’s unexpected musical gems was the record called Chamber Music, by the French cellist Vincent Segal, and Ballake Sissoko, a master of the West African harp, or kora.  Now they’re back with a new collection of elegant, lively collaborations.

While the pairing of a classically-trained French cellist with a traditional African musican may seem like a strange combination, the result sounds completely natural. Today's download showcases how Segal sets the scene for Sissoko's virtuosic playing, weaving in and out of extended musical runs with extraordinary tact.

Download "Badjourou" by Ballake Sissoko above, and watch the pair perform in an NPR Tiny Desk Concert below. Ballake Sissoko plays Florence Gould Hall Thursday night.

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