Local Politicians Need a Digital Campaign Strategy Too

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Ben Coffey Clark is a partner and head of business development at Bully Pulpit Interactive, a digital marketing and advertising agency. He worked on Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign and Rahm Emanuel's 2011 mayoral campaign in Chicago.

He spoke to New Tech City host Manoush Zomorodi about how digital campaign strategies have evolved over the years and what local politicians need to know to reach potential voters on the web and mobile phones. 

Coffey Clark said candidates can use digital strategies to hone in on, for example, 18-to-30 year-old males. 

"Whether it's Facebook, whether it's through Google and their search or display advertising network or through a host of other ad networks or technologies, you can target that demographic with a certain set of messages," he said. 

This type of targeting does not even require a person's name. It's based on attributes and information an individual has shared through a particular IP address.