Kingdom of Oscar

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I’m rooting for one of my favorite films of last year, “Moonrise Kingdom,” to get the best screenplay Oscar. Amazingly, that is its only nomination, despite its many outstanding attributes (a gorgeous score among them). What a shame that a deft, charming, thoroughly original, totally absorbing film is not going to be more celebrated at the big party Sunday night.

To enhance your appreciation of “Moonrise,” and in particular it’s unbelievably precise and detailed screenplay by Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola,  I refer you to the free, downloadable screenplay complete with accompanying art, notes and other “Moonrise” ephemera, see below.

==> Moonrise Kingdom, screenplay

Spending a little time with these words –and understanding just how little in the movie was left to chance –is even more reason to want to see it rewarded, right down to every green cupcake-sprinkle and hand-written note and scout’s merit badge written into the script. 

Here’s hoping.