Analysis: Archbishop Dolan's Deposition

For three hours on Wednesday, New York's Archbishop, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, sat before lawyers and answered questions about the 575 people who claim they were molested by priests in Milwaukee. Dolan led that archdiocese for seven years, prior to coming to New York in 2009. Attorneys for the victims claim Dolan was part of a long standing practice in Milwaukee of shielding church finances and subverting justice.

Much of the abuse happened before Dolan took over the reigns in Milwaukee, and New Yorkers, who know Dolan as a cheerful and enthusiastic leader, may have been surprised to learn he was deposed in this case.

"Most bishops of his stature have some handling of these cases," said Annysa Johnson, religion reporter for the Milwaukee Sentinel. "We don't know what kind of documents are going to emerge that will talk about his involvement in these cases. At the moment all of these documents are under seal."

Listen to Host Annysa Johnson's conversation with WNYC's Amy Eddings by clicking the link above.