Cuomo's Budget Amendments Include Mandatory Teacher Evaluation Plan

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said he will make changes to his budget in what’s known as 30-day amendments. They cover a variety of areas, ranging from a teacher evaluation plan to cutting the cost of hunting licenses.

Cuomo says he’ll amend his budget to impose a teacher evaluation system on New York City, after the Bloomberg Administration and the union failed to reach agreement, jeopardizing hundreds of millions of dollars in school aid.   

The governor will also require that around 2,800 gas stations on evacuation routes be wired for generators and make agreements to get one if there’s a disaster.

“One of the issues we learned the hard way, it’s not as easy as just having a generator brought to the gas station,” Cuomo said.

The governor will also cut the price for fishing and hunting licenses by one third. He said it has nothing to do with the recent strict gun control laws enacted in New York that have enraged some hunters.

And to comply with federal requirements on Medicaid reimbursement, Cuomo will have to trim $500 million from the health care portion of the budget.