Harlem Shake Is the Meme of the Moment

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It started quietly online with a short YouTube video of Spandex-clad dancers gyrating their hips and shoulders. Several thousand video responses and one Superbowl ad later, it's safe to say the dance known as the Harlem Shake has gone from meme to mainstream. 

On the Media's Alex Goldman has been following the phenomenon and says what makes this meme unique is how quickly it became a part of the mainstream

"It's a testament to the memetic nature of the Internet that it started out just with this one user that had sort of a modest following. It got picked up by a couple of news outlets like Buzzfeed and once that happened the inevitable parodies began," Goldman said.

Goldman spoke to WNYC's Amy Eddings Wednesday. You can click the link above to hear their conversation.

The Original


T-Pain Version