Augmented Reality and the Social Video App Vine

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Augmented reality blends the real world with computer generated images: glasses or contact lens that are computer screens display images before our very eyes.  It has the promise to change the way we experience the world. 

But it's also been around for years and has yet to have a major breakthrough and become mainstream. 

Is that about to change? 

Companies like Google and Vuzix are betting that consumers will want to strap on augmented reality glasses and take a stroll around town.  Smartphone apps like Layar and TagWhat allow users to see everything from restaurant information to home prices by holding up a smartphone camera to the real world. 

Google Glass may be the most well-known application of the technology, but it's not the most advanced: Scientists are already developing augmented reality contact lenses

This week on WNYC's New Tech City, reporter Eric Molinsky looks into the state of augmented reality and whether it's about to take off?  Or might end it up in the dustbin of technologies that haven't quite caught on with American consumers, like QR codes.

Molinsky reports that he never really understood augmented reality until he saw the short film Sight.

Plus, VentureBeat editor and mobile tech writer Devindra Hardawar talks to New Tech City host Manoush Zomorodi about the new and wildly popular social video app Vine.

New Tech City host Manoush Zomorodi recently captured a pair of Google Glasses in the wild with Vine. 

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