Gig Alert: Raul Midon

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ARTIST: Raul Midon

DOWNLOAD: "Sunshine (I Can Fly) (Live)"

SHOW: Tuesday at Blue Note ($15-25 8pm show | 10:30pm show)

As a guitarist, Raul Midon is as skilled as they come. As a vocalist he can switch effortlessly between styles. And as a performer he wins consistent rave reviews, many comparing him to another blind artist, Stevie Wonder .

But like Stevie Wonder, the fact that Midon is blind matters far less when listening to his music. Today's download is a live recording o Midon playing live, and his command over the audience is immediately apparent. He claims early on that there are no loop pedals or synthesizers aiding his performance, which he accents with probably the best mouth trumpet on record. From front to back, Midon exudes joy in his playing.

Download a live recording of "Sunshine (I Can Fly)" by Raul Midon above, and watch a video of him performing live in the video below. Raul Midon begins a six-night run at the Blue Note Tuesday night.

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