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60-Second Stir Fry: Peter Berley

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I almost get into a meditative state watching chef, cooking instructor and cookbook author Peter Berley undergo his time in the Stir Fry hot seat.  

Unlike last week's garrulous guests, Berley is quiet, serious and brief. He'd be a great newscaster.

Then there was the spartan, Zen temple-like background. We were in WNYC's Studio 2 for a change. Leonard Lopate, who uses Studio 2 for his daily show from noon until 2:00, isn't a nester like The Takeaway's John Hockenberry, the resident of our usual Studio 4 stomping grounds. There were no boxes of tea, no piles of books, no Japanese tea accessories scattered among the microphones and computers. No skulls, mechanical cats or plastic Army soldiers decorating the control room, either.  

The soothing beige walls and lack of clutter make me want to pull out the meditation cushion and chant.

Before you join me, though, learn about Berley's sweet tooth and his favorite kitchen tool, which has a special place in his Long Island home. Namaste.