Inspired by Cathedrals


This New Sounds program is full of music inspired by particular cathedrals, like English composer Joby Talbot's work, "Leon," from "Path of Miracles," written for the choir Tenebrae.  Its namesake is the León Cathedral, a French-style Gothic cathedral built in the 13th century in northwest Spain along the pilgrim route Camino de Santiago. 

We’ll also hear from acoustic “American Primitive” fingerstyle guitar wiz, the late Jack Rose, with his “Cathedral Et Chartres” from the singular record, “Kensington Blues” – a mixture of  ragtime, ragas, country blues and lap steel guitar works.  Plus, music from the Swiss composer Paul Giger, New Zealander Christopher Blake, and a piece from James Clapperton's "The Cathedral at Freiburg."

PROGRAM # 3266,  Music Inspired by Cathedrals (First aired on 11/04/2011)                                                        





Hilliard Ensemble


Perotin: Viderunt Omnes [1:00]

ECM New Series 1385


Path of Miracles

Joby Talbot : Path of Miracles-Léon [11:44]

Signum Classics #078

Paul Giger


Labyrinth [9:32]

ECM 1386

James Clapperton

 Long Journey Back


Michael’s Piano Book: The Cathedral at Freiburg [1:34]

Metier Sound & Vision  msvcd 92033

Paul Winter -  Eugene Friesen

Missa Gaia

Stained-Glass Morning [1:55]  OR Download:

James Blackshaw

Cloud of Unknowing

Stained Glass Windows [15:04]

Tompkins Square 1967

Ian Carr

Sounds and sweet airs

Sounds & sweet airs [1:32]

Celestial Harmonies 13064

Brian Keane & Omar Faruk Tekbilek -

Süleyman the Magnifcent

Ayasofya [3:19]

Celestial Harmonies #023**

Jack Rose

Kensington Blues

Cathedral Et Chartres [5:11]

vhf#92 OR download from

Paul Giger


Crossing, excerpt [5:00]

See above.