Gig Alert: Soul Rebels

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ARTIST: Soul Rebels

DOWNLOAD: "Sweet Dreams Are Made of This"

SHOW: Thursday at Brooklyn Bowl ($12)

Depending on your romantic status, you’re either pretty excited about Valentines Day, or absolutely dreading it. Either way, you probably deserve to dance. The Soul Rebels have you covered in that area, even if you may not have anyone to dance with…yet.

The band has made something of a niche for themselves amongst New Orleans-inspired acts, taking the brass music of the region forward with some interesting touches. Today's download, for example, features the band taking on a cover from an unexpected era - 80's synth pop. The band's wild, energetic percussion and inventive arrangements give this classic new life.

Download the Soul Rebels' take on the Eurythmics' "Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This" above, and watch a video of the band performing on the Jubilee Bridge in London below. The Soul Rebels play Brooklyn Bowl Wednesday night.

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