Internet Troll Weev: Full Interview

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Andrew Auernheimer (aka Weev) is a gray-hat hacker and self-described internet troll who is facing up to 10 years in prison for breaching AT&T's servers.

In this full interview with New Tech City host Manoush Zomorodi, he proclaims his innocence and explains why he goes after companies and individuals on the internet.  

"I take data that corporations publish and I use it to criticize them," Auernheimer said. "I get a very visceral pleasure from embarrassing a Fortune 500 company."

Auernheimer talks about why Jesus, Brigham Young and Andrew Jackson are some of his heroes and what he plans to do in behind bars if he is in fact sentenced to prison time as expected. 

"I will write books. I will read a lot. I plan on going through Donald Knuth's The Art of Computer Programming," he said. "I gotta catch up on my Milton and Byron and Keats."

Auernheimer plans to appeal.


Andrew Auernheimer

Hosted by:

Manoush Zomorodi

Produced by:

Daniel P. Tucker

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Thanks, Manoush, for covering this story. It is a real tragedy that an American citizen is being charged with bringing security issues to light.

The suspension of the freedom of speech is truly unbelievable since Weev fundamentally stated that AT&T was breaching its customers' right to privacy! So it's the First versus Fourth Amendments.

It is akin to telling someone, "Hey I found your wallet and I know its yours cuz I saw you drop it and your ID is inside." How can a samaritan be federally penalized for going to a public venue to announce the "dropping" of the wallet instead of somehow exhausting all their own personal resources in an effort to inform the person that their waller was "found."

Both tragic and unbelievable.

Feb. 12 2013 05:50 PM
David from New Jersey

Hey Andrew, get a life. You made your point now move on. You are being played by the internet industry. Don't you see?. look at all the publicity your are giving them. So you go to jail and peope like me have to pay for your room and board!

If you are such a great programmer then go write code or figure out a way to stop global warming. As far as I can see you still want your mom to make you breakfast.

Feb. 12 2013 10:10 AM

The reporter referred to him as a "dude" and immature after he spoke. I don't think he sounded immature, unless having some integrity means immaturity. The "expert" that spoke after him, sounds like the party line immature bully. Don't blame poor At7t they had hard things to do!

Feb. 12 2013 08:27 AM

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