Chris Terrio on Writing the "Argo" Screenplay

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chris Terrio talks about writing the screenplay for “Argo.” It’s been nominated for an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Picture, and is based on the true story of a Hollywood-CIA plan to save a group of diplomats during the 1979 Iranian hostage crisis. The movie won a Golden Globe for best picture, and Ben Affleck won for best director.


Chris Terrio

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Marie from DUMBO, Brooklyn

I was in college in 1979 and remember the fear and the tension of those days. Can't blame the Canadian guy below one bit! The movie is not very good, and plays fast and loose with the facts. For example, I was told by a diplomat from a disinterested country that the Canadian ambassador did a good deal more than shown. The "movie crew" included a real CBC cameraman, and so on. She also mentioned that the diplomats from the countries who turned away the Americans had often dined at our ambassador's table.
So I still say THANK YOU, CANADA!

Feb. 12 2013 04:10 PM
David from LIC from Long Island City, Greater NYC

I have not seen the movie Argo and I refuse to do so. As a Canadian it is very disappointing that Ben Affleck would take a Canadian story and "Americanize" it in a manner that both distorts the historical record while diminishing the role of Canadians in order to bolster the very fragile collective American ego. We all know Americans know very little about history and here we have an answer as to why. Americans need to be pandered to and Ben Affleck knows how to make money, so he distorts history in order to achieve professional recognition. This is the version of the incident's history most Americans will be exposed to.

Simply Google the phrase "Canadian reactions to the movie Argo" and you will get a lot of the Canadian reaction, which is disappointed to say the least. Not to mention Canadians tend to be more honest and less susceptible to ensconcing themselves in a cocoon of propaganda, so you may actually learn something by reading their reactions. You will also notice that Mr.Affleck added a little phrase at the end of the movie basically admitting that it is BS, the equivalent of Leni Riefenstahl adding a line in the credits for 'Triumph of the Will' that said she really believes in democracy and not fascism. Thank you, Ben.

It is terribly sad that Ben Affleck and his screenwriters would pollute the historical record. How shameful. Perhaps Mr.Affleck should educate himself prior to thinking about going into US politics and adding to the mess created by poorly educated and venal American politicians.

As for his comment as it is no revelation to find people who will willingly sell their souls for a buck.

Feb. 12 2013 03:12 PM
jgarbuz from Queens

Did not care much for Argo, as it was a highly fictionalized account of what actually happened, and frankly wasn't all that great a movie. Barely Oscar material, if at all. It's a stereotypically Hollywood movie and certainly not a documentary, nor even a very good docudrama. It's a cut-above-average movie. But at least it's not total bloody nonsense like Tarantino's offerings. But at least those don't pretend to be anything more than maniacal mayhem.

Feb. 12 2013 01:06 PM
Laura from brooklyn

loved the movie! but read that the escape through the airport in reality was actually "smooth as silk", despite the nailbiting ending in the movie. can you address?

Feb. 12 2013 12:53 PM

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