Animal Rescue and Adoptions in New York City

Monday, February 11, 2013

Independent journalist Jillian Jonas' recent piece on Animal Care & Control ran in City Limits. She joins us to talk about criticisms of conditions in Animal Care & Control shelters for dogs and cats, a new report out about reforming the system, and what to know about animal rescues and adoptions in New York City.


Jillian Jonas

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well if this was asia, pets would be eaten first, or maybe companions if they're lucky. meat is cultural. so is cannibalism. the root of it all is of course neutering, spaying, neutering, spaying, until cats and dogs and other animal companions are rare and wanted, for their entire lives. NYC's animal system is, like many other of its institutions, low priority and underfunded.

how about eating hedge-fund managers instead?

May. 30 2013 10:18 AM
Kate Riviello from New York, NY

Thank you for running this segment. Our group, New York Animal Rights Alliance America, is hosting two upcoming protests, May 11th outside of ACC at 110th Street from 2-5pm hoping to circumvent some surrenders by getting them into foster and rescue; and June 22nd in Queens, where we will hold the first PROTEST AND RALLY in a hall that will fit 700 people to build True No Kill Shelters in Queens and the Bronx. Please join our group and call us to see how you can involved in revolution that must take place in NYC to stop the killing of these innocent dogs and cats day after day. Call 845 856 7366.

Mar. 07 2013 10:24 PM
Claire from Brooklyn

Great that this was reported, but I don't understand why this was such a short segment. This is a really important issue. I'm so saddened that this was given so little time. We need some real change and wnyc could help with a much longer report.

Feb. 12 2013 05:03 PM
Animal Advocate

Animal Control is NOT an adoption agency! It's an antiquated, tax payer funded warehousing of collected animals until they can be efficiently disposed of. THAT,people is what animal control is. ACC NYC is among the THOUSANDS of US pounds that are noting more than death camps. In fact the MAJORITY of the pounds in the US are like this. They are NOT a place to take your "cute" kittens you let that sweet mamma cat have, they will kill them. Those sweet little puppies your dog had because you didn't spay her, they will get parvo before they kill them and suffer horribly before they die. THATS the reality of animal control. The word "care" should be removed because there is no "Caring" involved!

Feb. 12 2013 11:01 AM
Doug from Brooklyn

You can look at this site on Facebook "Urgent Part 2 Urgent Death Row NYC" and you can judge for yourself. Every night there is a "Too Be Destroyed" list. There are people from all over the world watching this site. So, Bob, stop being so naive.

Feb. 12 2013 09:43 AM

@Bob from Brooklyn - I don't know if you are making your disgusting comments to get attention or if you are serious. Either way, take your cruel, insensitive & inappropriate comments elsewhere.
I accidentally gave a thumbs up but have also flagged your comments. I hope you get banned because you offer NOTHING constructive on how to save animals or change the ACC. Your presence here in unwelcome.
My experience with the ACC is bittersweet. I sent emails requesting to adopt a cat (old policy) 3 different times. These were sent 10/12. I STILL HAVE NOT HEARD FROM THEM! Obviously, the cats are no longer there. Ones was adopted & the other 2 were murdered. I TRIED calling as well & used a rescue for 1 of the cats. Voice mails went unchecked resulting in the death of these beautiful cats. FINALLY my 4th attempt was successful. I was able to save Toby (fka Justin) HOURS before he was euthanized.
Much of the problem of the ACC is the fact it is under the control of the NYC DOHMH. It needs to be overseen by the Dep't of Agriculture as are all the other non profit shelters in NYS. Only then can we expect to effct positive change & start saving these animals.

Feb. 11 2013 08:07 PM
concerned in chicago from CHICAGO

The list of adoptable animals on the NYC Animal Care & Control list is a JOKE!!! The list is weeks old!!! They leave the animals that have been adopted on there to make it look like they are doing a good job there. Fact is... they are destroying adoptable animals daily. UNDATE THE DAMN LIST OF ADOPTABLE ANIMALS DAILY. I THOUGHT IT WAS THE JOB OF ANIMAL CARE & CONTROL... TO "CARE". ALL I SEE IS "CONTROL". WAKE UP NEW YORK!!!!

Feb. 11 2013 05:29 PM

Considering dropping your pet at NYCACC?

Please first take a moment and check-out the FB Pages 'Pets on Death Row' (for cats), and Urgent Part 2 (for dogs). NYCACC Daily Kill Lists are posted there.

My experience is with NYCACC cats, so I will tell you a little about what happens there:

1) Your beloved cat has at least a 75% chance of being euthanized at NYCACC within a week of drop-off, if not sooner. NYCACC's published kill rates reflect 'healthy, adoptable' pets only. 'Adoptable' is a discretionary term, and the definition is stretched to the limit by NYCACC.

2) Over 95% of healthy cats dropped-off at NYCACC get sick within a week of being there. So, the NYCACC published kill rates reflect only the small fraction of the actual intake population able to fight the bacteria and infection that runs rampant at NYCACC and successfully get adopted within a very short period of time.

3) When you drop your cat off at NYCACC, s/he will be terrified. Terrified = unadoptable = Kill List.

4) If by some miracle your cat is NOT terrified, s/he will be (literally) warehoused in a cage. The halls of NYCACC are lined with such cages stacked on top of each other 5-6 cages tall (much more in summer), so if your cat is not terrified on intake s/he soon will be = undadoptable = Kill List.

5) If your cat is healthy on intake, within 7 days s/he will be sick = Kill List.

6) If you drop-off an injured cat - and the cat is 'lucky' - s/he will get 'medical treatment' by someone training to be a Vet, then will be euthanized. Many, many cats are injured by the 'medical treatment' afforded to them at NYCACC. I have seen countless simple routine 'medical treatments' (ie. insertion of feeding tube) result in gross injury to the animal, and subsequent euthanasia. But that's only if the injured cat is 'lucky' enough to get 'treatment'. In the vast majority of cases, injured cat = Kill List. But, they will let the cat languish for a few days with the injury (broken leg, shattered jaw, doesn't matter) without 'medical treatment' prior to euthanizing.

7) Kitten = Kill List. NYCACC has no ability to deal with kittens. They automatically get Kill Listed, usually within 8 hours of drop-off.

8) Stray cat = Kill List. If you lose your cat in NYC, chances are, you'll find your kitty on FB/Pets on Death Row = NYCACC Kill List. Check it every day until you find your kitty.

Most people think 'Shelter' means shelter. It means the opposite at NYCACC. What happens there is plain and simple = animal cruelty.

If, after reading this, you still think your kitty will find a new loving home after you drop him/her off at NYCACC, keep watching the daily NYCACC Kill Lists on the Facebook Page 'Pets on Death Row', and you will have the pleasure of seeing your loving cat sick, terrified, and just a few hours from death at NYCACC a couple of days later.

... and good luck getting your cat back, because NYCACC will not let you.

A NYCACC owner surrendered cat, is a dead cat. =^..^=

Feb. 11 2013 04:25 PM
Richard from Queens

I see a lot of complaints about CACC, and I can only speak from my better experience. I got my two beautiful cats from there, and everyone I dealt with was decent and doing their best. The bottom line is where people choose to get their pets. Only yesterday, NPR gave a puff piece to the Dog Show. Every animal that's bred into being means that another one dies. As long as people go to breeders, "responsible" or otherwise, animals will die.

Feb. 11 2013 03:00 PM
kaye lapsley from UK

ACC is a total disgrace to kill an innocent health adoptable animal is nothing more than murder the cruelty which excist within this shelter has been shown on more than one occassion ie a little cat who was hit by a car was being chocked by a hand Vet care is Zero is it not cruelty neglect to leave a ill animal lying in a cold cage with correct vet care Wake up a kill list on a daily basis how can this be justified every country has its problems but to produce a kill list and give that animal 12 hours be ashamed

Feb. 11 2013 02:57 PM
Emma Thornton from UK

NYCACC is an absolute disgrace killing adoptable healthy pets day in and day out it is INHUMANE and barbaric these animals deserve respect and protection shelter help to find loving homes and appropriate vetenary care they are treating them as disposable trash something has to be done IMMEDIATLY the world is watching we will not tolerate this neglect of duty any longer .this nightly kill lost is totally unacceptable even when anaimls are reserved in the short space of time allowed they are still being destroyed THIS HAS TO STOP NOW

Feb. 11 2013 02:18 PM
Michael Barrett from Manhattan

Will the recorded segment be uploaded to your site?

Feb. 11 2013 12:43 PM
Sue Zainelli from chicago

NYC Animal Care & Control are killing your stray pets. If you have a lost dog or cat... go find it immediately. Check all the shelters DAILY. If you are lucky you have 3 days to find them. If your animal gets under the control of Animal Care & Control chances are you will never see your pet again.

Feb. 11 2013 12:16 PM
Fay Ryan

Adopted from a New Hope partner, PMAR, in August, 2012. First went to the Brooklyn CACC, where he was before PMAR took him. There were ROWS of runs with Pit Bulls in them who were obviously on death row. Somehow, people need to be convinced that Pits are WONDERFUL dogs who deserve loving homes.

Every stray dog and cat deserves a good home and all of them MUST be neutered to stop the carnage.

Feb. 11 2013 12:05 PM
Henry from Brooklyn

We tried to foster some animals after Gothamist reported that post-Sandy cats and dogs were about to be euthanized in a day or two. When we showed up at an ACC shelter, we were turned away. They said we needed to go back and fill out a form ONLINE. No, they didn't let us fill out the form in person. They would not let us see any of the animals. What kind of backward bureaucracy is that?! It doesn't make any sense, if you have any shred of compassion for the poor animals. Let them die instead of risking a potentially risky foster parent? The whole process needs to be changed.

Feb. 11 2013 12:01 PM
Bob from Brooklyn

I have 2 shelter cats that I love very much.They are beautiful and cuddly and outgoing. But if sh!t hits the fan, and the apocalypse comes, I'm eating them.

Feb. 11 2013 11:58 AM
Sarah from UES

Real quick could you mentioned that Valentine's Day is coming up and pets make terrible gifts. PLEASE let them know!

Feb. 11 2013 11:56 AM
Ratz from nyc

A dog lover myself - I'd rather see their flesh eaten rather than thrown to the trash. Dogs are too beautiful to become trash!

Feb. 11 2013 11:55 AM
Andy from bkln

TNR is the best solution for feral cats and more money should go towards this humane approach to controlling the feral cat population - also results in reduction of spraying behavior, less fighting between cats and good for the overall health of the cats

Feb. 11 2013 11:54 AM
foodaggro from Brooklyn

Bob from Brooklyn - you are the perfect candidate for unconditional love from an animal companion, since you obviously don't have much going on with humans. Only people who are unfamiliar with animals don't understand how amazing and loving animals can be, and I highly recommend all humans take in cat or dog.

Feb. 11 2013 11:54 AM
Truth & Beauty from Brooklyn

Bob from Brooklyn: Why can't they eat you?

On the other hand, cats and dogs probably have better taste...

Feb. 11 2013 11:53 AM
Bob from Brooklyn

Dear Parents,

If you are considering giving a pet to a child to teach responsibility, please buy a goldfish or some electronic virtual pet. We can no longer afford to kill all these unwanted animals.

Thank you.

PS. Let's eat the cats and dogs instead of throwing good meat into the trash.

Feb. 11 2013 11:47 AM
lisa from harlem

Friday I saved 2 cats who were on "death row"! I saw "Can 8 million new yorkers save 5 cats?" a page on line I looked at the photos-little Jax, a skinny, scared and dejected Tiger cat-he'd been brought in 5 days before and was scheduled to be euthanized the next morning at 6AM. He is still scared and huddled under the bed, but he has let me pet him, his eyes have softened, and his body is relaxing. he's still too afraid to eat. I've named him "MR. Bates"-his death sentence commuted. He had hissed and growled at the Brooklyn animal control center-so put on "death Row" I am waiting for the fellow he was bought in with-he comes today.
Thank God for the rescue group ANJELLICLE CATS 212-568-3984. look them up, give money, support, what you can.
PLEASE PLEASE my fellow New Yorkers, you can foster one of these cats, helping them on their way to be adopted.
Spread the word, every night the "death Row" list is published and volunteers work tirelessly to help save them, both dogs and cats. I know its hard, to look at the photos, but you can just contact one of the rescues, like ANJELLICLE CATS and ask them to choose one for you. They will deliver them to you through The Mayors Alliance, first neutering them, with a rabies shot. They even pay for the vet care!

Feb. 11 2013 11:43 AM
Bob from Brooklyn

Why can't we eat them?

Feb. 11 2013 11:37 AM
Suzy Allman from Rye, NY

No discussion of the present state of the shelter system is complete without acknowledging that most rescues from "death row" at the Manhattan and Brooklyn shelters is happening NOT because of NYCACC, but because individual, volunteer rescue groups are doing their work for them, going into debt to pay vet bills, transportation costs, and boarding.

It's unimaginable how many more dogs and cats would be losing their lives if not for these rescue groups, or without the recent help of social media. Two Facebook pages in particular -- Bruised Not Broken and Urgent Part Two -- have taken on the task of posting dogs and cats on "death row", networking them in the last 24 hours of their lives and trying to place them in homes.

The NYCACC does little more than round up animals and put a roof over their head -- briefly.

Feb. 11 2013 11:21 AM
carolita from nyc

We got our dog five years ago at SCAR (Sean Casey) in Brooklyn, where they seemed very caring and able. I think they're actually an exemplary shelter. Hammy's original owner had brought him to a pound to be euthanized, and they decided to send him on to a shelter. He has a full cataract in one eye and a half in the other, but seems to be a Jedi, can catch balls, loves frisbees. Periodically goes around the house doing recon, using his nose to "see" where the furthest and darkest objects are, nudging things that are out of their usual place as if to say, hey, what's this doing here? It's very cute. Doesn't see squirrels or birds, which is great for walks in the park. We are basically his seeing eye people when it comes to obstacles like doors on his right, low branches sticking out of bushes, steep drops. But other than that, he's a wonderful companion, very healthy, and he actually seems incredibly grateful, which is very touching. I've noticed this about many rescued dogs: the gratitude.

Feb. 11 2013 10:22 AM

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