Music from Australia

Aboriginal Rock Art, Anbangbang Rock Shelter, Kakadu National Park, Australia

New music, (and in some cases, organized sound) from Australia makes up this New Sounds program, including music by Peter Sculthorpe, his "Little Nourlangie," a portrait of a rock outcropping in Kakadu National Park in northern Australia. Kakadu is the second largest national park in the world, where generations of Bininj/Mungguy have lived for tens of thousands of years.  It is home to 68 mammals, more than 120 reptiles, 26 frogs, more than 2,000 plants and over 10,000 species of insects. We'll also hear a work that consists solely of the natural sounds of Kakadu Park, sampled and altered. And more music from Australian ensembles and composers.

PROGRAM #3127, New Music from Australia (First aired on 10/14/2010)





Les Gilbert

Kakadu Billabong

6:55 AM, excerpt [1:31]

Natural Symphonies 131

Adam Plack, Johnny Soames, William Brady & Luke Cummins

Dawn Until Dusk

Eagle Totem [5:00]

Australian Music International
AMI 3003
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Riley Lee, Michael Askil, Michael Atherton

Shoalhaven Rise

Mangrove Hocket [4:04]

Black Sun Music 15019

Les Gilbert

Kakadu Billabong

7:01 AM, excerpt

See above.

Ron Nagorcka

Secret Places

Secret Places: Requiem [4:18]


Steve Roach, Davd Hudson, Sarah Hopkins

Australia: Sound of the Earth

Red Dust and Sweat [10:40]

Fortuna Records 17071

Sydney Symphony Orchestra Edo De Waart, Cond.


Little Nourlangie [4:37]

ABC 454 513
Australian Broadcasting Corp.
Out of print.  Information at

Adam Plack and Johnny (White Ant) Soames

Winds of Warning

The River (Fate) [5:13]

Australian Music International
AMI 2002
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Storm Coming

Storm Coming, excerpt [6:00]

Celestial Harmonies 13080