Blizzard "Nemo" Update

Friday, February 08, 2013

Snowy day in New York City (Spencer Platt/Getty Images/Getty)

Significant snow is expected in our area between today and tomorrow. We get updates from:

  • WNYC's Richard Hake with expected forecast in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut.
  • Adam Sobel, professor of Climate and Atmospheric Science at Columbia University, on why forecasts have been so different, what makes a blizzard a blizzard, and why this storm has a name.
  • Jerome Hauer, commissioner of the New York State Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services, on how the state is planning in advance of the worst of the storm.
  • MTA spokesman Aaron Donovan on how public transit could be affected by the snow, and what to expect on commuter rail.


Aaron Donovan, Richard Hake, Jerome Hauer and Adam Sobel

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graig babby

CBS enchors like Cindy Shu and Otis Livinstain are dangerous for pedesatians this not normal man Otis carieng gun in his portfolio and promis to shoot people Otis history is non good Cindy Shu from CBS are using drugs like cocaine stay away from her chinenese people

Feb. 09 2013 02:36 PM
LL from UWS

Just say 'No' to naming winter storms, please!
Here are some references for you:

article about who gets to name storms:

Super Mega Nor'Easter Of Doom 2013


"The storm's name is not "Nemo." Winter storms are not named. This is a ratings ploy by The Weather Channel and nothing else. . . . They came up with a bunch of catchy pop culture names so that they would be the only ones calling it "Winter Storm Nemo," and people would want to tune into the only station calling it "Nemo."

They're the laughing stock of the weather community over it."

Feb. 08 2013 04:51 PM
hew from Minneapolis

PEOPLE- get a grip!!! Its February. New York. Winter. It is supposed to be snowy.

Feb. 08 2013 04:17 PM
The Truth from Becky

B - Agreed! ^5

Feb. 08 2013 11:23 AM
Mark from Manhattan

@ B from Brooklyn:
I agree. I have seen some places call this "Historic Snowfall" Historic? As if there has never been two feet of snow in New England, ever? More like Hysteric!

Feb. 08 2013 11:19 AM
B from brooklyn

what is happening here?

People are freaking out. again,

We used to get "snow" like this every year and sometimes several times a year.
Every time we get weather these days it's an excuse to freak out.

Wnyc you are not helping.

Are we all a bunch of sissies>?


Feb. 08 2013 11:10 AM

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