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Spy Ladies Take Over TV

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Keri Russell is back on TV. The former Felicity star, along with Matthew Rhys, portray a Russian spy couple living in suburban D.C. on the new FX series, The Americans.

It's the latest take on a popular trend of TV shows about women spies. In the past ten years, programs like Alias, Homeland, Covert Affairs and Nikita have captivated audiences with stories that feature strong female characters working for clandestine services.

Slate TV critic June Thomas has written about TV’s favorite spying ladies and she says TV producers and writers keep returning to this subject matter because of the potential flexibility of the storylines.

“You can pretty much do anything with a spy show. We don’t know what spies do. We just have fantasies about their glamorous lives,” Thomas said.

She spoke with WNYC’s Amy Eddings.