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Last Chance Foods: Essential Snow Day Snacking

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Two essential keys for storm-prep: A stocked pantry and a wealth of activities. In fact, a little mandatory confinement might be just the opportunity to try out some of those recipes that came across our radar in the past year.

Here are a few recipes from past Last Chance Foods that will help keep us warm, entertained and well fed. Consider this a pre-storm shopping list of sorts.


Seasonal Cocktails to Ring in a New Year

For adults who partake, there's nothing like a carefully crafted cocktail to while away the hours. While January 1 may be fading fast in the review mirror, the ingredients for these cocktails should still be easy to procure. Anyway, Chinese New Year is this weekend, so that counts, right?

Coffee Klatsch

Perhaps now is the time to start perfecting that cup of Joe. Nationally recognized, award-winning barista Katie Carguilo muses on what goes into a brewing an ideal cup of coffee. Part of the secret? Make sure that water is hot enough. That'll not only distill the maximum flavor from the beans, it'll also ensure your drink is piping hot.


The Health History of Granola

Turning on the oven and making granola has benefits on multiple fronts: it provides an alternate source of heat, the resulting toasty smell acts as a room freshener, and you get a homemade snack that keeps well. Win, win, and win.

Keep Your Eye on the Pie

Same reasoning for making granola applies for making a pie. Take some time and make the crust even. The real point of all this lies in these four words: Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pie. Enough said.

A Whole Latke Love

No snow-day snack list would be complete without a savory entry. Hanukkah might be past, but a blizzard named Nemo is as good of a reason as any to indulge in some fried potato pancakes. Come on, historic snowstorms count as a special occasion. 

ALSO, Lucky Foods for Chinese New Year

Sunday is Chinese New Year, so start celebrating the year of the snack. Er, snake. Year of the snake. Here's a previous breakdown of lucky foods to ensure an auspicious new year.