Targeted Killings; Wole Soyinka on Africa; NJ’s Jughandle

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Thursday, February 07, 2013

A US Predator unmanned drone armed with a missile stands on the tarmac of Kandahar military airport on June 13, 2010. (Getty)

A leaked White House memo lays out a legal defense for “targeted killings” – including drone strikes. Omar Shakir, co-author of Living Under Drones, talks about why he objects to the U.S. strikes. Then, Laura Seay, professor at Morehouse College, explains why the conflicts in Mali and Afghanistan should not be compared. Plus: Nobel prize-winning Wole Soyinka on his new book about Africa; a February series on fashion kicks off with Parsons professor Hazel Clark; and the end of the New Jersey jughandle, that odd left turn.

Living Under Drones

The Obama administration's use of unmanned drones is under intense scrutiny this week, culminating in the hearings to confirm new CIA director John Brennan, which begin this afternoon. Two drone skeptics, Omar Shakir, of the International Human Rights and Conflict Resolution Clinic at Stanford Law School, and co-author of the report Living Under Drones, and Zeke Johnson, director of Amnesty International's Security with Human Rights campaign, discuss the practice, and the leaked memo detailing the legal parameters by which drones could be used to target American citizens.

→Tune In: WNYC will stream live coverage of the Brennan hearings on our website beginning at 2:30pm today. Listen here.

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Getting Mali Wrong

Laura Seay, assistant professor of political science at Morehouse College, warns against bad analogies about the conflict in Mali in her recent Foreign Policy article, "Mali Is Not a Stan."

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Fashion Month: New York's Fashion Industry

As Fashion Week gets underway, Hazel Clarka professor in the MA Fashion Studies Program and research chair of Fashion at Parsons The New School for Design and the co-author of The Fabric of Cultures: Fashion, Identity, and Globalization  (Routledge, 2008) kicks off the February series on New York's place in the global fashion picture.

Tell us the story of the most recent article of clothing you've purchased --

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Depopulation Boom

Jonathan V. Last, senior writer at The Weekly Standard and the author of What to Expect When No One's Expecting: America's Coming Demographic Disaster, says Americans face a looming threat of population shrinkage.


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Wole Soyinka On Africa

Wole Soyinka, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, Nigerian poet, writer and playwright, and now author of Of Africa talks to Brian Lehrer.

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New Jersey Moves To Ban the Jughandle

It's a classic Garden State move - go right in order to go left. Tom Vanderbilt, author of Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do and What It Says About Us, talks about what the jughandle left turn means to New Jersey drivers, and why lawmakers are moving to ban it from the state.

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