Hausmusik - Literally


For this New Sounds, we'll hear music made with stuff around the house.  There are two works for teapots, one by clarinetist Andy Statman and the other a Beatles' tune.  Paul Lansky samples his sons beating pots and pans for "Table's Clear," while Pulitzer Prize-Winning composer David Lang writes music for teacups to be struck by So Percussion.  Plus, hear music for onions, and other innovative ways of putting household items in the service of music.

PROGRAM # 3262, “Hausmusik” (First aired on 10/26/2011)                                                      





Paul Lansky


Table's Clear, excerpt [1:30]

Bridge 9035

Andy Statman

Old Brooklyn

Totally Steaming [2:36]

Shefa Records HORN 3004/5

Aki Takahashi

Hyper Beatles 2

Alvin Lucier : Nothing Is Real [7:17]

Eastworld #6655. Japanese import, now out of print

So Percussion

So Percussion

David Lang: The So-Called Laws of Nature, excerpt [9:00]

Cantaloupe 21022

Robert Minden Ensemble

Are You Now

Robert Minden & Carla Hallett :Terra Cotta [4:21]

Otter Bay OB104

Miguel Frasconi

Song + Distance

The Galapagos Gamelan  [3:06]

New Albion 111

Paul Lansky


Table's Clear, excerpt [9:45]

Bridge 9035

The Vegetable Orchestra


Scoville, exerpt [1:00]
Nightshades [4:29]

Transacoustic Research tres 008

Michele Fiala

The Light Wraps You

Bimstein: Cats in the Kitchen I

MSR Classics CD #1217