Larkin Grimm - Soul Retrieval Live

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Larkin Grimm's unusual path has taken her from childhood in a commune in Georgia, to Yale University; from itinerant adventures in Guatemala, Thailand, and the wilds of Alaska, to life in New York City. With her songs she explores her unique perspective on the world and music. Larkin returns to Spinning On Air with harpist Jesse Sparhawk and drummer Jeremy Gustin, to perform music from her new album "Soul Retrieval," and she talks with David Garland about her experiences with shamanic ceremonies, having a baby, Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture, Kurt Cobain's suicide, seeking spiritual wisdom, and much more. This show first aired March 11, 2012.


Larkin Grimm "Without a Body or a Numb and Useless Mind" on WNYC's Spinning On Air


Larkin Grimm "Hello Pool of Tears" on WNYC's Spinning On Air


Larkin Grimm "The Road Is Paved With Leaves" on WNYC's Spinning On Air