Three Apps I Can't Live Without | Ki Mae Heussner

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Ki Mae Heussner is a staff writer at GigaOm.

 Stitcher – "It stitches together different podcasts, which makes it really easy to keep up with my favorite shows."

 Fitbit – "I'm constantly using it to check how many steps I’ve taken. The Fitbit synchs with my pedometer, the wireless pedometer that I can put in my belt loop and it measures every step I take. And then if I hit 10,000 a day, I get really nice notifications from the app saying I was a rock star. If I fall behind I get little messages saying I haven’t moved in too long.”

 Feeddler – "I try to keep up with dozens of blogs and websites everyday and have given a ton of RSS apps a shot. Feeddler is my current favorite."