A Taste Of Sundance

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A scene from the short film 'Marcel, King Of Tervuren' by Tom Schroeder.

Got six minutes? I found this absolute charmer on Youtube last week: Marcel, King Of Tervuren is an animated tale of a rooster in Belgium. But is that all it is? The story of a "king" who has to kill his own son to maintain his kingdom sounds like something out of Sophocles.

The narration and animation are what got this short film by Tom Schroeder accepted into this year's Sundance Film Festival, which ended this past weekend. But the music struck me too: It's Phil Kline's "March," part of his larger piece "The Blue Room And Other Stories," written for and played by the New York-based string quartet Ethel. (Though the credits misspell it Ethyl, which I kinda like.)

Watch the video over on YouTube.