Music for Viola


Besides drummer jokes, there might be almost as many viola jokes tied for the lead in musical humor.  We'll put all that aside for this New Sounds program, where the viola takes center stage, not necessarily as a solo instrument in a concerto or a chamber setting.  Hear new works for viola, some for viola & electronics, and viola d'amore.  From a forthcoming record by new music champion Nadia Sirota, listen to a piece by Missy Mazzoli, "Tooth And Nail." 

There's also a piece by violist/composer/arranger Ljova from his latest, "Melting River," music  created for “Project XII”, a commission from Canadian choreographer (and Baryshnikov’s protege), Aszure Barton.  Also, work from Garth Knox and an arrangement of John Cage's lovely "Dream."  And more.

PROGRAM #3425, Music for Viola (First aired on 1/30/2013)                                       





Various Artists: Maria Newman

The Romantic Approach

Cage:"Dream," Arranged Karen Phillips [7:30]

Celestial Harmonies 13087

Nadia Sirota


Missy Mazzoli: Tooth And Nail [10:00]

Bedroom Community HVALUR 17
Due out March 25, 2013 on New Amsterdam Records


Melting River

Melting River [6:24]

Kim Kashkashian


Tigran Mansurian:  Tagh for the Funeral of the Lord [5:30]

ECM 2065

Garth Knox


Malor Me Bot [9:21]

ECM #1925

Paolo Pizzi

Time (Elapsed) Art Music

 Fo(u)r Violas [3:42]

Time (Elapsed) Art Music
TE CD 01
Long out of print.

Charles Dodge

Any Resemblance is Purely Coincidental

Viola Elegy, exerpt [4:00]

New Albion 043
Out of print, but try