Is There Such A Thing As 'Too Old To Rock?'

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According to Billboard editor Joe Levy, one of the weirdest things going on in rock and roll right now is that so many musicians in their 60s and 70s are having banner years. In the last 12 months, we’ve heard from the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, David Bowie, and more. And the reviews have mostly been good.

Levy holds up the example of the Rolling Stones. “Fifty years ago,” says Levy in his blog post, “at the start, The Rolling Stones represented a sort of freedom almost impossible for most of their audience to achieve, the freedom to live exactly as they wanted. Fifty years later, they still do, in ways far more poignant and pointed than before.”

Read more from Joe Levy here. And, listen to his discussion with John Schaefer -- and Soundcheck listeners -- about whether there is such a thing as 'too old to rock.' What do you think? Tell us below.