Egypt Boils Over, Again

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According to the Egyptian Army chief, Egypt is on the verge of collapse. It's a dire and possibly self-serving assessment, but there's no question that unrest in working class industrial cities such as Port Said is growing. A state of emergency continues today in those areas and funerals are being held for the more than 40 people killed in the violence.

Yesterday The Takeaway spoke with New York Times bureau chief David Kirkpatrick from Port Said, and he said he saw no clear path out of the current chaos: "Right now there is no law whatsoever to speak of in Port Said…"

Port Said seems to have declared a kind of independence from Cairo in addition to still be simmering with anger over the aftermath of a violent soccer match nearly a year ago in which more than 70 people died and none of the security forces who stood by and watched the massacre unfold without intervening have been held to account.

Issandr El Amrani who is based in Cairo, writes the Arabist blog.