Gig Alert: Katie Mullins

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ARTIST: Katie Mullins

DOWNLOAD: "Spring"

SHOW: Friday at Union Hall ($10)

Katie Mullins is a singer-songwriter, but probably not in the way that you’re thinking. No acoustic guitars here, just Mullins’ classically-trained voice, a little bit of percussion, and an African thumb piano called the mbira.

Mullins also plays some ukulele on her new album Wedding, her second as a solo artist. The record makes good use of Mullins' affinity for tiny instruments, setting them against sparse but salient arrangements. The real attraction, though, is Mullins' voice - tender enough to lure you in, only to wow you when breaking into a high-register chorus.

Download the track "Spring" from Katie Mullins' brand new album Wedding here, and watch a video of her performing live on a fire escape below. Katie Mullins plays a record release show for Wedding at Union Hall Friday night.

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