Gig Alert: Cynthia Sayer

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ARTIST: Cynthia Sayer

DOWNLOAD: "Ella Miriam's Blues"

SHOW: Tuesday at Joe's Pub ($20)

It's simple to say but easy to forget: Jazz just doesn't sound the way it used to. We’ve gotten so used to groups featuring sax players, trumpeters, and pianists, that it can be a shock to find that the earliest jazz bands featured instruments like the tuba and the banjo. Well, Cynthia Sayer is out to reclaim the banjo’s place in the genre.

Her innovative playing has landed her a spot in filmmaker Woody Allen’s jazz ensemble for the past 10 years, in addition to an acclaimed solo career all her own. Sayer brings back an old-time element of swing to her playing, which she balances with more modern influences on her new album Joyride.

Download "Ella Miriam's Blues" from Joyride here, and watch a video of her performing "Midnight in Moscow" live below. Cynthia Sayer plays Joe's Pub Tuesday night.

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