As Bloomberg Threatens Veto, Quinn Says Council Will Override

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Mayor Michael Bloomberg may be threatening to veto a bill banning discrimination against unemployed job seekers passed by the City Council on Wednesday, but Speaker Christine Quinn is issuing a challenge of her own: a veto override.

Mayor Bloomberg argues the bill will lead to a number of lawsuits from any job seeker interviewed, but not hired.

Quinn told WNYC's Soterios Johnson that facts don't bear that out.

"Based on the fact that that hasn't happened, we don't believe it is going to happen. And there isn't evidence in the other jurisdictions that have done this that that happens," she said. "All that happens is that good, qualified people, who happen to be unfortunately be unemployed, have the right to apply for a job and get it"

The bill would prohibit employers from using employment status when making hiring decisions. It would also stop them from posting job listings requiring prospective candidates to be employed in order to apply.

Listen to the full interview above.