Unemployed Job Seekers Set Off Battle at City Hall

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The City Council approved a bill Wednesday that would block employers from posting job listings that require prospective candidates to be employed in order to apply — but the mayor has vowed to veto it.

The bill would also allow applicants who were denied work because of their employment status to take court action against the employer or file a complaint with the city's human rights commission, which could take corrective action against the company.

But Mayor Michael Bloomberg said he would veto the bill calling it "one of the most misguided pieces of legislation." He said it would prompt "a rush of lawsuits" that would particularly impact small businesses.

That veto threat raised little concern with City Council Speaker Christine Quinn who said in a separate press conference that the Council “absolutely” had enough votes to override it.

“We've seen that the city's Human Rights Law, which is one of the strongest, if not the strongest in the nation, is very effective, and I believe this addition will be equally effective,” said Quinn, who proposed the legislation in her State of the City address last year.