Archdiocese of New York to Close Two Dozen More Schools

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The Archdiocese of New York announced Tuesday that it will close 24 more parochial schools at the end of this school year.

The Archdiocese says the closings, which come on top of 30 school closures in 2011, will be the final consolidation for the parochial school system. It will be left with about 220 Catholic schools after the closures take effect at the end of the school year.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the closures of 22 elementary schools will affect about 4,300 students, or about 9% of the elementary schools' enrollment. Two high schools with 424 students will also be closed.

"What makes this so frustrating is that these are not failing schools, not academically, not when you look at test scores, graduation rates, attendance," said Dr. Timothy McNiff, Superintendent of Schools for the Archdiocese.

Dr. McNiff says the closures are painful for students and their families but are necessary to ensure the financial stability of the system for years to come.