This Week in Politics: Guns And Butter

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This week New York Governor Andrew Cuomo  pushed through major gun control legislation. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie appointed a panel to study gun violence.  But he did take aim at the NRA for an ad painted President Obama as a hypocrite for pushing for stronger gun laws because his children have 24-7 armed protection.  Complicated politics for Christie, who's running for re-election in a largely Democratic state, but has to keep in mind the early, South Carolina primary if he runs for president in 2016.

For Cuomo, things were simpler — the governor got to notch an early victory, and add a progressive feather to his cap.  Still, it wasn't Cuomo on Time Magazine's cover — it was Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

For his part, Bloomberg couldn't find common ground with teachers or school bus drivers even as the campaign to pick the next mayor picks up steam.

WNYC's Eddie Robinson catches up with me and Anna Sale about how the two governors face the same issue and how Mayor Bloomberg's legacy with the city's municipal labor unions could be a real headache for his successor.