Gig Alert: Diali Cissohko & Kaira Ba

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ARTIST: Diali Cissohko & Kaira Ba


SHOW: Thursday at Shrine Bar (Free)

In Senegal, bandleader Diali Cissohko is famous. In North Carolina…not so much. But when Cissohko moved down south four years ago, he rounded up local musicians and formed Kaira Ba – a West African dance band with a touch of Appalachia about them.

The result can be heard in our Gig Alert download today - the song "Bani" starts off with Cissohko's distinctive playing of the kora, a traditional West African harp-like instrument. From then, the song gets a decidedly American feel. Handclaps keep time, an electric guitar backs up the kora, and soon the band erupts around the groove.

Download "Bani" above, and watch a video of Cissohko and the band performing the song "Kaira" in the video below. Diali Cissohko & Kaira Ba play Shrine Bar Thursday night.

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