Some NY State Contractors Win Big With Sandy

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The New York state comptroller's office on Wednesday released a list of contracts and payments the state made in the two months after Sandy hit.

While the list only shows $266 million of what will ultimately be billions of dollars in state spending, the data offers the first real glimpse of which companies are winning big with the recovery.

Three construction companies working together got the biggest contract reported by the state so far. The joint venture of John P. Picone Incorporated, Bove Industries and Tully Construction won a $33 million contract from the state's transportation department to repair a two-mile storm-damaged stretch of Ocean Parkway.

Also on the list is DRC Emergency Services, an Alabama company, which received multiple contracts for debris removal totaling $33 million. Adjusters International got a $24.6 million contract for consulting. The spending also included $98 million in expedited income tax refunds for people living in storm-battered areas.

Kate Gurnett, a spokeswoman for the state comptroller's office, said many of the contracts were issued under special emergency rules the governor used to speed the process.

“He did exempt some of these contracts from advertising, bidding and our approval. But we're still keeping track of them and they're all on our website,” Gurnett said.

A number of the contractors are large political donors.

Tully Construction, its president and related companies have given more than $125,000 in donations since 2006. Records show more than $24,000 of that went to Cuomo.

A spokesman for the Department of Transportation said politics played no part in the selection of the companies. He pointed to Tully’s vast experience working on large construction projects as a main reason the joint venture was chosen for the job.

The governor's office did not respond to an interview request.

To see the full list of contracts visit the Comptroller’s website.