#3415: Guy Klucevsek and Polka From the Fringe

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Accordionist and composer Guy Klucevsek stops by for a visit, on the occasion of the reissue of “Polka From the Fringe,” 29 previously out-of-print tracks for accordion by Klucevsek and 27 other composers.  With titles like Lois V Vierk’s “Attack Cat Polka,” or Elliott Sharp’s jolt of punk in “Happy Chappie Polka,” there’s a bit of playful wackiness to the collection, yet also some loveliness – like William Duckworth’s “Polking Around” and Peter Garland’s “Club Nada Polka.” 

For this New Sounds, hear music for the project by Carl Finch (of Brave Combo – the “nuclear polka band” out of Denton, TX), the hilarious contribution from Fred Frith – “The Disinformation Polka,” as well as music by Klucevsek himself, “The Grass, it is Blue.”  And more.

PROGRAM #3415, with Guy Klucevsek (First aired on 1/15/2013)                                             





Guy Klucevsek & the Ain’t Nothin’ but a Polka Band

Polka From the Fringe (2 CD set)

Guy de Bievre: Polka Dots and Laser Beams, excerpt [1:30]

Klucevsek: The Grass, It is Blue [2:13]

Peter Garland: The Club Nada Polka [3:00]

Bobby Previte: The Nova Scotia Polka [8:21]

Carl Finch - Prairie Dogs [2:18]

Elliott Sharp: Happy Chappie Polka [1:37]

Fred Frith: The Disinformation Polka [4:06]

Mary Jane Leach: Guy De Polka [3:10]

William Duckworth: Polking Around [3:42]

Tom Cora: The Imperial Buzzard [2:25]

Robin Holcomb: The Winnemucca Polka, excerpt [1:00]

Bill Obrecht: Guy, Won't You Play Your Accordion? [3:30]

Starkland ST 218