Can Coca-Cola Re-Brand Itself as an Anti-Obesity Company?

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Coca-Cola has been a part of Americana for as long as any living American has been alive. For over 125 years — if their ads are to be believed — hey’ve been a part of our courtship rituals and our family get-togethers, and even our dreams for world unity.

But Coca-Cola hasn’t just dreamed of teaching the world to sing (in perfect harmony). Over the decades — and long before the invention of Diet Coke in 1982 — they’ve dealt off-and-on with the concerns of the American waistline. Ads dating back to the 1950s claim that Coke has “as many calories as half a juicy grapefruit.”

But last night, Coca-Cola took their weight concerns to a new level with a new 2-minute anti-obesity ad that looks more like a public service announcement than a commercial.

Who is this ad targeting? And isn't it sending mixed messages?

Cindy Gallop has been watching the new Coca-Cola campaign closely. She's an advertising consultant who focuses on brand reinvention, business game-changing, and transformative business practices.