The Music Of 'Girls': A Soundtrack, For A Generation

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At the very beginning of Lena Dunham's TV series, Girls, lead character Hannah Horvath (also played by Dunham) tells her parents that she thinks she might be "The voice of my generation. Or, at least, a voice. Of a generation." The hit HBO comedy-drama returns this Sunday for its second season, and chronicles the trials and travails of a group of 20-something women who are figuring it all out -- or at least trying to -- in New York City.

Along with its sometimes bleak, sometimes hip imagery and often uncomfortably honest storylines, the show also relies heavily on music. The sound of Girls is the work of Manish Raval and Tom Wolfe -- the duo behind Aperture Music Library, which also works with shows like Community and New Girl.

Although Girls doesn't have any title music, it often incorporates music into scenes -- coming out of a car radio, blaring out of a speaker at a party, or surfacing on iTunes. Raval says that quite a bit of thought goes into each song's placement -- particularly those that end each episode. 

We speak with Raval about his work on the series, and about the new Girls Soundtrack Vol. 1 compilation which was released earlier this week. In addition to featuring tracks from artists like Robyn and Sleigh Bells, there are several original songs on the album -- including two by Santigold and fun. Take a listen to those tracks below.