Mystical Weapons, featuring Sean Lennon and Greg Saunier

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Sean Lennon with projections by Martha Colburn

Sean Lennon returns to the WNYC Studio with Mystical Weapons, his improvisational collaboration with Deerhoof drummer Greg Saunier; artist, animator and projectionist Martha Colburn; and multi-instrumentalist Shahzad Ismaily. Both Sean and Shahzad share electric guitars, basses, and keyboards. Martha Colburn handles her films the way a performing DJ handles records: using the projectors like turntables, the images are mixed and manipulated live, with visuals forming an important component of the Mystical Weapons experience.

David Garland welcomes the group to the sound-only world of radio, they perform one short and one long set, and they talk about the project. Session music mix by Greg Saunier! This program first aired January 13, 2013. On November 29th The Brooklyn label Northern Spy Records will issue a limited edition, one-sided LP of music from this session, featuring an original illustration by Sean Lennon screen-printed on the B side, released exclusively for Record Store Day Black Friday 2013.