Dena Kaye Remembers Danny Kaye

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The year 2013 marks the centennial of Danny Kaye’s birth, and Danny’s daughter Dena Kaye talks about the legendary entertainer’s career and  Turner Classic Movies special 24-hour marathon of Danny Kaye’s films on January 20. He starred in "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty," "Hans Christian Andersen," "The Court Jester," and "White Christmas," and won countless accolades during his lifetime including Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes, The French Legion of Honor, The Kennedy Center Honors and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. 


Dena Kaye

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paul kollmar from nyc

.. and finally, I'm happy to report that our public library has DAVID KOENIG'S book; DANNY KAYE, KING OF JESTERS on its shelf---completing a chronology of all the TV appearances;....>>Ultra trivia #2;--The most important MISSING LINK IS FROM 1963--i.e. THE JOHNNY MANN SINGERS and of course JOYCE JAMESON as comic regular/guest--> season one, 1963* -- JAMESON made her indelible appearance that same year in GOOD NEIGHBOR SAM w/ Jack Lemmon & MIKE CONNORS(pre- Mannix)-a dress rehearsal for all involved//?... and THE JOHNNY MANN SINGERS-linked DORIS DAYS biggest hit THE THRILL OF IT ALL--with their new found reputation as "King of the Jingles"---oooops'....{{ i gave away yet another secret==>>}} A stage musical of THRILL OF IT ALL has been in the works ever since tv's MAD MEN held the public's interest++

Apr. 25 2013 07:13 PM
paul kollmar from nyc's only 2 and 1/2 weeks 'till the ny pops concert!-- WHAT GOES AROUND....? and yes, the NY .Times was sharp to elude to Seth Macfarlane's destruction of the OSCARS''on tv---sorta like EDWARD MANET'S at the French Beaux -Arts -academy in the 1880's--{{ they used their umbrella's to beat those canvases!!-?!)) remember?- The art "form" may NEVER be the same....> ---I wanna see Louis Armstrong" guest spot on the show--a.s.a.p.---pk

Apr. 10 2013 08:28 PM
paul kollmar from nyc

..instant response to the fact that the ARCHIVES OF AMERICAN TELEVISION--has changed their search engine base!!!//meaning CONFUSION;...all tapes/videos should be available 24/7 ---streaming;;,... ((I was led to believe....))--Anyway, still mysteriously searching for Danny's SEE IT NOW spot with Ed. R Murrow;;.?>?>---and the fate of the kinny's---/b& w tapes of the hour show??--(((ultra trivia'# 1.;DANNY hosted a WIZARD OF OZ- movie of a CBS sunday showing in either 1963-64--.Those commercial breaks should be eventually in the tv museum data base as they are pricelss;;, ---pk

Apr. 07 2013 06:17 PM
paul kollmar from nyc

;;; and with a little patience///----the NEW YORK POPS will pay tribute to DANNY KAYE on april 29th---along with Frank Loesser & Julie Styne-- Time for another nap( and I'm sure to wake up with more news..)

Mar. 09 2013 05:42 PM
paul kollmar from nyc

....encores are even BETTER>>! especially rapid fire style...:: thanks to TCM tv"";;they dug up that most obscure MGM-- HOLLYWOOD MY HOME TOWN documentary of 1965 {{to be on during the milkman.s matinee;;;@ 5:00 am,... )) don.t blink;youll miss sonny and cher ((unknown), roz russell in a nun,s habit on motorskooter -preps for THE TROUBLE WITH ANGELS,,**,plus much, much more..-.Those you tube clips ,,, of the DANNY KAYE SHOW are so hackneyed,,, to grin and bare them..otherwise, NO ONE FURTHER CAME UP WITH THE SEE IT NOW EPISODE OF 1957!!!-aka--the---secret world of danny kaye... why???.

Jan. 19 2013 01:24 PM
paul kollmar from NYC

.(...part III is always the best,) as a coda to this sonata....since Dena recalls her aquaintance with the Engelbergs with fondness...THE MAJOR AND THE MINOR/////?--or better--bOBBY SOXER?-- after iceskaters Carol Heiss and Ellie Sommers(ne sonnemann)--used to hamm it up at the annual silver-skates gala @madison square garden-- as far back as 1947)----and hosted by Ed Sullivan^^mind you....-///Danny found himself on a date with ellie.--!!= in a pickle..{{ now what do i serve as an aperitif when I,ve just gotten used to sitting at opposite sides with a martini.! wellll!---back to that final taping at the CBS studios--circa 1963;...choreographer TONY CHARMOLI had his share of agrava; dancer Lee Roy reems split his seams right on camera-- the number went through.. ( meanwhile Hi Engelbergs first wife Esther began her courtship with ALBERT MALTZ;; thATS RIGHT, HOLLYWOODS. UNFRIEDNLY # 10...!!THEY REMAINED MARRIED UP TO THE VERY END,,,,,MORER LATER---? OR READ MORE BOOKS ABOUT IT SUBSEQUENTLY....PK

Jan. 17 2013 03:03 PM
paul kollmar from nyc

-- as you know, (or could guess)--my comment bounced around the internet*--ruffling some feathers===.SINCE THE DANNY KAYE SHOW never went into syndication//, and even the museum of broadcasting SELDOM offer episodes thru CBS 1963-67== we better approach the subject with caution,{{{;here;s the full story-- since the talk of bring a revival of CAN CAN is a reality....)) DO SEE TONY CHARMOLI,S interview on you tube;;; c/o ARCHIVES OF AMERICAN TELEVISION...==****one of the great 1960.s tv urban leagends..+--dancer Elaine Joyce(mrs. Neil Simon)was featured in the french can-can number// a piece later derived by choreographer ernie Flatt* on the Judy Garland CBS show....((*with dancers Tracy Everitt and my cousin Ellie sommers..)--costumes by the newly emerging BOB MACKIE**--...elaine dislocated her cuboid bone.., midnite telephone calls for a new substitute pair of legs ensued...hint?? ellie got the part--- and the look on Danny;s face in the studios'.s sound booth on the telephone with Hi engelberg could not be caught on camera---)))-- to be continued,,pk

Jan. 17 2013 12:39 PM
paul kollmar from usa

...skipping thru the trash of Kaye.s personal life is like--a prequel to what the facts aRE ABOUT...!! dANNY kAYES BEST FRIEND ; dR hYMAN eNGELBERG allowed the affair with his own wife Esther(an award winning screen editing writer herself))------the Marilyn Monroe stuff of 1962--has been such pre-fab, and every spin-doctor rotated on their own axis......!!--yes; Hyman Engelberg was Dory Scharys. personal physician, ever since their MGM days( metro Goldwyn Moscow))--all were given immunity to testify at HUAC;, and all were in fact proud of their intellectual leftist

Jan. 11 2013 12:39 PM

Danny Kaye was a great artist and a great man, regadless of his sexual orientation which, by the way, is nobody's business but his and his wife's. I'm looking forward to as many DVD releases of his amazing work as possible. I haven't been able to find "Peter Pan" on DVD. I watched it as a child and it made a big impression on me. I wish I could show it to my children.

Jan. 11 2013 04:35 AM

perhaps because i've never succumbed to mr. kaye's charms in films, but i thought that this rather extensive profile of the actor fraudulently skirted his bisexuality -- certainly his affair with laurence olivier is well documented -- i'm not at all a activist, and perhaps an interview with a family member isn't the right forum for such discussions, but since the interview seemed to consider his entire life, it seemed egregious to overlook this aspect of his personality.

Jan. 11 2013 01:34 AM
Nancy from New York

The vestle with the pestle!One of the greatest bits ever!!

Jan. 10 2013 04:51 PM
Mike from Tribeca

My personal favorite of Mr. Kaye's movies is "Knock on Wood" (1954). Ventriloquism, spies, stolen secret plans, it's got it all and is very entertaining!

And of course Mr. Kaye's weekly TV show was practically an institution.

Jan. 10 2013 01:17 PM
Roberta Brangam from New York City

When my daughter was eight years old I rented Walter Mitty. As we watched it she turned to me and said, "Who is that man?" - and when I told her it was Danny Kaye, she said "He's the most beautiful man in the world."

And he was. Pure delight

Jan. 10 2013 01:15 PM
Cynthia from NYC - East Harlem

Always loved him - his episode of Cosby was just on a couple of times in the past week or so. Made chuckle and smile all over again. Timeless. He just seemed to be having such a good time with everyone and they with him and it came through the TV.

Jan. 10 2013 01:12 PM
ernie from UWS

Dena used to have a radio show herself on WMCA. What is she doing these days?

Jan. 10 2013 01:10 PM

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