Learn to Think Like Sherlock

Monday, January 07, 2013

Maria Konnikova, journalist, psychologist and author of Mastermind: How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes, uses the fictional account of the super-detective's reasoning skills to explore the real-world science of improving cognitive function.

→Event:  Maria Konnikova will be reading from Mastermind on Monday, January 7, starting at 7:00pm at Book Court,

→Event: On Wednesday, January 16 at noon, Maria will be at 92Y Tribeca, where she will be reading, talking, conducting an audience Q&A and signing copies of her new book, tickets can be purchased here.   


Maria Konnikova

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Geoff from Yonkers

Great segment, thanks Brian and Ms. Konnikova. I can't wait to read the book.

Jan. 07 2013 11:59 PM

What Maria said about "stepping back" and a "Three Pipe Problem" is so true. I'm already retired from a long career in Inventory Managment for a major coroporation. I was mostly a programmer/data analyst for most of my career and spent at least 20 years working in the same area. In our coporate structure the higher up you move the corporate ladder the "Bigger" your office was... However, in the Technical arena, it was more limited. A "guru" with a Phd in his/her expertise would be given the office space of a 2nd level manager. I worked for many years with a Dr. S., who was the 'guru' of Inventory Management and Control... He wrote some major papers in the subject matter and we developed our entire Inventory Control model based on his designs... And, I will never forgot walking into his "closed door" office (on many occassions), and there was Dr. S. with his legs crossed up on the little ledge below the picture window overlooking the innercity landscape... smoking his pipe... I will never know which "pipe #" he was on, but.. he was paid the BIG BUCKS to set back and dream.. and he was worth every penny.

Jan. 07 2013 12:12 PM
Eddie C from Bronx

Did I hear that right? Maria Konnikova said that there is software that can ban me from the internet for certain times of the day? Please expand on this. What program can I use? No internet during morning hours could get me out the door more often.

Jan. 07 2013 12:04 PM
josh Karan from Washington Heights, Manhattan

Given what Ms Konnikova said about the importance of concentration and to avoid attempting to multitask, is it not time to return to fewer segments per hour, so that we can concentrate more on them, rather than cover 4 in one hour, thereby giving each (in my opinion) insufficient consideration.

The Brian Lehrer show has been great because it has allowed in depth discussion.
It should not be the radio equivalent of US Today.

Jan. 07 2013 12:03 PM
Vinny_G from Upper West Side NYC

With all your mindfulness, you still answer questions and start your sentences with "so"

Jan. 07 2013 11:58 AM
MichaelB from Morningside Heights

The guest's comment about the 3-pipe problem... I am a computer technologist and in job interviewing for years for programming/tech jobs, the candidate is always asked to solve a problem -- right there on the spot.

I've always thought that this approach/mentality only allows for one time of problem solving, and doesn't allow for those of us who need to walk away and think about a problem for a while. (Not to mention the issue of nervousness in the interview room, sometimes with 3, 4, or 5 people ganging up on one!)

Jan. 07 2013 11:58 AM

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