Congress Approves $9.7B in Sandy Flood Aid

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House Speaker John Boehner

The new Congress has passed a $9.7 billion bill to help pay flood insurance claims to homeowners, renters and businesses damaged by Sandy.

The bill cleared the Senate following passage earlier Friday by the House. It replenishes the National Flood Insurance Program that was due to run out of money next week with some 115,000 Sandy-related claims as well as 5,000 from other floods unresolved.

The late October storm ravaged the coast from North Carolina to Maine, with the worst flooding occurring in New York City and its suburbs, Atlantic City, N.J., along the Connecticut coastline. Votes are planned later this month on another $51 billion aid package. The government already has spent more than $2 billion as part of the emergency response to the storm.

Listen above as WNYC's Bob Hennelly spoke with Republican Congressman Scott Garrett about the bill. He also speaks with All Things Considered Host Amy Eddings about the $60 billion Sandy aid package.