#3414: 100 x John (dedicated to John Cage)

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For this New Sounds, listen to but a few of the 100 compositions and sounds from a project called “100 x John, A Global Salute to John Cage,” featuring field recordings by composers and sound artists around the world. There is music made from the sounds that surround us, including the last town in Nepal before base camp on Mount Everest to stalactites in a cave, 700 meters underground in Serbia.  Hear a composition by Arsenije Jovanic, comprised of the sounds of stalactites struck by wooden drum sticks, pieces of stone, and the composer’s hands, recorded in a cave, 700 m under the earth in Eastern Serbia.

Then, listen to a work inspired by a bird native to the Guatemalan forest, with traditional Mayan flutes and electronics by David De Gandarias.  There’s also a composition of electronically processed city sounds, like ambient noise of streets, traffic, subways, department stores, called “Manhattan Sounds,” by Richard Lainhart.   Plus, the sounds of yak bells from Nepal, and more.

PROGRAM #3414, 100 x John (First aired on 1/3/2013)                                





Janeil Engelstad

100 x John

F Line 57 Street 6Ave [2:40]

Part of the “100 x John” project at www.eartotheearth.org

Compositions: www.eartotheearth.org/johnx100_1.html

Sounds: www.eartotheearth.org/johnx100sounds_1.html

Richard Lainhart

Manhattan Sounds [14:55]

Amandine Pras

Nepal Yaks at Gorak Shep, excerpt [3:46]

David De Gandarias

Psarocolius Montezuma [15:19]

Arsenije Jovanovic

Resava Variations, excerpt [6:00]

Rodolphe Alexis

Altamira Station At Dawn, excerpt [2:00]

William Blakeney

Broadway Boogie Woogie, excerpt [6:47]