Innocent Bystanders

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Friday, October 05, 2007

Last week’s anti-gang and immigration raids are dividing Long Island. Today, we hear from the Nassau County Executive Thomas Suozzi who says the heavy-handed federal raids harm public safety by destroying community relationships with law enforcement. Also, how Rudy Giuliani's appearances on WABC as mayor will affect his presidential run; how many times will America lose its innocence and we follow up on some of this week's stories.


Thomas Suozzi

Rudy on the Radio

New York Times reporter Michael Powell, looks at Rudy Giuliani's comments on WABC during his tenure as NYC mayor and what it means for his presidential campaign.

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Seeking Refuge

Many Iraqi citizens are trying to leave their war-torn country, but it's not easy to leave, and many countries are reluctant to accept them. Human rights activist and Time Magazine columnist Samantha Power, looks at the issue.

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Presumed Innocence

Writers Ian Buruma, Richard Halpern and Annette Gordon-Reed discuss the idea of loss of innocence in American culture and history. All of them will be participants at an event on Saturday, October 5th at NYU's Cantor Film Center.

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Showdown in Nassau County, part two

Thomas Suozzi, Nassau County Executive (D) levels charges against federal immigration agents for questionable practices during gang raids.

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Is Obama a PAC Man?

Barack Obama disavowed the influence of special interests in recent presidential debates. But his campaign finance records show a more complicated truth. Paul Ryan, an attorney with the Campaign Legal Center, a non-partisan campaign finance watchdog, looks at the role of Political Action Committees in all the candidate's campaigns.

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Following Up: What Did Rudy Know and When

New York Times columnist Jim Dwyer follows up on the charge that Mayor Giuliani knew the twin towers were going to collapse 15 minutes before it happened. He is the author of 102 Minutes: The Untold Story of the Fight to Survive Inside the Twin Towers (Times Books, ...

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Open Phones: Individual Identity and Group Identity

Listeners call in and discuss how their group identities mix with their identity as an individuals.

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