With Vote in Sight, Fate of Sandy Mitigation Aid Still Uncertain

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Even though House Speaker John Boehner has vowed to bring the $60 billion Sandy aid package to a vote by January 15, it’s still uncertain how much aid can actually get through Congress.

Republicans have said $33 billion in proposed aid is not essential to immediate recover efforts. These funds, dedicated to mitigation, include things like upgrades to the transit system or beach-front flooding prevention.

"Depending on what that supplemental is will make a major difference for this state financially, from a reconstruction point of view for those communities," New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said.

Aides in the Democrat-controlled Senate indicate that they will fight to keep these funds in the final bill.

Boehner drew criticism for not bringing aid to the floor for a vote in the final hours of the 112th Congress on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, he said he’s committed to delivering two votes on the Sandy bill this month — $9 billion in flood aid by the end of this week and a $51 billion, including $33 billion in mitigation and prevention funding by January 15.