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Thursday, January 03, 2013

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Hear the latest from Washington on the federal funds for Sandy relief. Plus: your questions answered about how the new tax deal will affect your finances; a new month-long series on guns and gun-control with Paul Barrett, author of Glock: The Rise of America’s Gun; gentrification and the future of downtown Brooklyn; and a theory about brain drain at the Pentagon.

The Cliff and Sandy Bills

After a last-minute decision to not vote on the Sandy relief bill, followed by strong pushback from New York and New Jersey politicians, the House is scheduled to vote later this week on two separate pieces of legislation. Andrew Grossman of The Wall Street Journal and Molly Ball of The Atlantic discuss the politics and details of the bills -- plus the continuing fallout from the fiscal cliff negotiations.

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What the Fiscal Cliff Deal Means for You

The last-minute fiscal cliff deal reforms tax rates, deductions, payroll taxes, and several other laws that will effect more than 3/4 of Americans in one way or another. Richard Rubin of Bloomberg answers some basic questions about the changes.

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Guns in America: After the Stockton Shooting

Paul Barrett, assistant managing editor of Bloomberg Businessweek and author of, Glock:The Rise of America's Gun, kicks off this month's series on gun ownership, starting with how the Stockton school shooting of 1989 inspired legislation, and whether there are parallels between that moment and the discussions following the Newtown, CT shootings.

Help Build Our Guns Glossary: Got a term or word that's part of the gun debate you want clarified? Post your suggestion in the comments, and we'll build our glossary over the course of this series.

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Future of Downtown Brooklyn

Kelly Anderson, filmmaker and director of “My Brooklyn”, and producer Allison Lirish Dean, discuss their film about gentrification in downtown Brooklyn.

→ Event: "My Brooklyn" will be screening at reRun Theater in DUMBO from Jan. 4-10. Purchase tickets here.

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Military Brain Drain

Tim Kane, chief economist at the Hudson Institute and the author of Bleeding Talent: How the US Military Mismanages Great Leaders and Why It's Time for a Revolution, talks about how the Pentagon is losing its best officers.

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Why is 13 an Unlucky Number?

It's 12/13/13 - and it's a Friday. Are you scared? In this segment from earlier this year (on 1/3/13), psychologist Bruce Hood tells Brian Lehrer why people are so superstitious about the number thirteen. Did you know the Savoy Hotel in London keeps a wooden cat on hand just in case thirteen people show up for dinner?

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Guns in America: Glossary of Terms

Every week, we'll add terms and definitions used in the gun control debate to this glossary. We'll add more terms each Thursday this month with Paul Barrett, assistant managing editor of Bloomberg Businessweek and author of Glock: The Rise of America's Gun.

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