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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Immigrants from anywhere, call us up and tell us the biggest news stories of 2012 from your country of origin and what big news you're looking out for in 2013. Call 212-433-9692 or post your stories here!

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I See it All from Bronx

Ask not for Off Sets. ever again. WE will off set 45 % of you REpublicans. Why must my Democrats suffer under the Gun swingers stupidity, the Senate that needs to know how the country will support Sandy victims in NY or NJ, businessses who are poor and individuals who need help.

I, President Barack Hussain Obama will be happy to help my own constituency. You REpublicans have enjoyed the reapings of my party members. They rally, go house to house WHILE you live in mansions Ex. Maine and Texas. If you are a registered Republican then you will not get the Hurricane Sandy rebuilding deals OR Health Insurance. After all the Blue states pay the bills for REd States stupidity.

If this is ok, 70% of the country, who are poor Republicans dont need the support. If you are a Republican Cuban and not a Democratic Haitian, for one year 2013, do not accept SSI, or Disability. You European Caucasians who have over stayed your tourist visa for YEARS declare your status.It is NOT the Mexicans that are the problem, you live amongst us, as if we dont know you. You want to be paid off the books, give me your fake social security and the name of your child who is attending public school via MY TAXES,.
Thank You Republicans, I know you hate to retire when we do, get SSI, Health insurance, Natures calamity help. I salute you who dont need ANY hELP, just tell your NON LEGAL RELATIVES to go back with all the other illegral immigrants.
Oh, you Russians, Chinese, Polish, Nepalese who cannot speak English, as OLD as you are, I know OLD DOGS can learn NEW TRICKS.

Brian Get those construction workers who arent Latinos and in BIG positions to reveal their STATUS. NYC has more people paid OFF the books than even CA. NYC tax evaders are millionaires. THEY ARENT Mexicans in farms.

Jan. 28 2013 06:45 PM
Sumukha from Short hills NJ

I am originally from India. All of us Indians have been completely transfixed for the last few weeks about the rape and murder of a 23 yr old Delhi girl. I and millions are hoping these protests will bring some soul searching.
As a culture Indians as well as Hinduism propagates only mesogeny. At every step of our lives we are reminded women are never to be equal to men.
From religiously sanctied to culturally sanctioned sex selective abortions, squed sex ratio, from before birth to our death...women in India struggle to be taken as human beings..
I am hoping some good will come out of all the anger and protests on the streets.

Jan. 02 2013 10:37 AM

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