Comets to Watch for in 2013

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Last year Comet ISON was discovered by the astronomers Vitali Nevski and Artyom Novichonok at an observatory in Russia. The comet is expected to pass close to earth in late 2013 and when it does, it could be one of the brightest seen in many years. There are even predictions that Comet ISON could appear brighter than the full Moon, if it survives its journey and does not break up as it approaches the Sun. Comet ISON is not the only remarkable comet to watch out for in 2013, Comet Pan-STARRS is expected to be visible in March and April.

Denton Ebel chair of the Division of Physical Sciences at the American Museum of Natural History describes what comets sky-gazers should look out for in 2013 and looks back on memorable comets throughout history.