Three Commissions Set to Make Post-Sandy Recommendations

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It's been ten weeks since Sandy hit our region, and reports are coming due for the three commissions investigating the state's readiness for another storm. New emergency planning for hospitals has been a key focus.

The commissions are evaluating the state's emergency preparedness and infrastructure needs. Their deadline is Thursday January 3.

Former Coast Guard Commandant Thad Allen is leading the review of disaster readiness. He says the New York City area’s population density exposed the challenge of scaling up a response for vulnerable populations, like patients in hospitals.

"The entire issue of medical care came up. In fact, I was surprised that it dominated many of the discussions, and was very, very important to all the stakeholders out there, how the medical system responded to this event."

The governor's office says all three commissions have held "near daily" conference calls and that they are on track to deliver their recommendations in time for Cuomo to incorporate them into his State of the State address next week.